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LED Bar- x3W Dual Row
LED Bar- x10W Single Row
LED Bar- x3W Quad Row
LED Work Light
LED Bar- x3W Curved/Straight
LED Bar- x10W Dual Row
LED Spot & Candle lamp
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Highlights Of Lumgreen

We want to offer something a little different based upon the same principle.

◇Benefits of LED Lighting: LED lighting has been around for a long time, but recent technological advances have made LED lights the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly choice on the market. LED lights help both economically and environmentally with extreme long life and low energy.

◇Dimmable LED Technology: The technology behind LED lighting continues to evolve and progress. The LED drivers dim LEDs by TRIAC control. Dimming compatible LED bulbs has no negative results on LED life. It provides an affordable, efficient, high quality lighting option on standard dimmers. Our LED lighting solutions are dimmable and work great on standard dimming systems.

◇RoHS Compliance: LED products are fully compliant with the RoHS directive currently in force across Europe and North America. Lighting users, lighting designers, architects and manufacturers working and using the Lumgreen LED products are assured they are compliant with the legislation and contain no lead, mercury or toxic gases.

◇Advantage of Company & Products: With professional technology, superior engineers , strict control, you are assured to order 100% quality products with 3 years guarantee, and a fast delivery time and best service.

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